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What should be a family way? Getting lost in the variety of opinions on this subject is not so difficult. On the one hand, parents with a conservative model, on the other, is a modern society that speaks of equality, but accepts only the traditional roles of men and women. How important the gender equality in the family? And why is it so difficult to achieve?

It seems to many people that the equality of sexes is about radical feminists and men who are completely obeyed by female will. That, of course, is not so. This is not a battle where there are winners and losers – each participant in the relationships of the sexes receives his “win”. But for this you need to figure out where the truth lies, and where – fears imposed by society and stereotypes.

Women “most need”?

A lot of tests fell on the previous generation of women. At first they fought for the right to education and work, and then they began to fight fatigue. After a hard day’s work, all the women of the country took a second shift on the household, and the men at that time watched TV or read the newspaper.

The conservative model assumed the role of a defender for them, and the fact that the time was peaceful and there was no one to protect from is no longer, it was unimportant. But the woman did not dare to dissolve the marriage, because she was paid less at work, and society pressed her condemning gaze.

Today women can earn a lot of money,


can be successful in society. For them, the traditional “but married” does not justify itself. Yes, they still want to go there, but only on one condition – it should be good there. And for this they are ready to part with old beliefs and conservative roles in marriage. And men – no.

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